Test Subject Information

What am I, exactely?
Why, a freak of nature, of course.

I am an experiment gone all too right but all too wrong for the dreadful psycho who created me.

No, I was never human.
Yes, I do dread my life at times.

Yes…I will eat you if you so do get trapped.

Height: 5’2” [full height] 4’9” [normal]

Length: Approx. 4’8”

Weight: 112 lbs

Hair: Purplish Hue covering most of his body

Eyes: It glows out pink but has a gradient from a magenta to red-orange on the outter sclera

Toxicity: 1-2-3-4-5-6- -8-9-10

Age: Unknown

Diet: Carnivorous Diet

Home: In attics and high places in a funnel shaped web

Sex: Male

Sterile: No

Creator: Unknown/UnNamed

Fears: Fire, Pyros, Explosives, Soldiers, Demomen, Meeeeddiicssssssssss

Likes: Pranking others, being an overall creep, spying on others, eating large meals

Dislikes: People who pry into his den, those who steal from his den, fire, anything not living